>Tracy’s Cake

Ah… ode to practice! Tracy’s birthday allowed for me to learn a couple things that I took for granted.

-normally when I’m interning at Rachel’s she’s always got buttercream made. I’m at home this weekend doing chores and of course baking. As with most recipes, there’s ALWAYS going to be something that is assumed. Some things not always mentioned–the creaming method, wet/dry method, one at a time egg adding etc… well here’s another, two:

a) when adding the hot syrup into the whipped whites, make sure it goes straight into the whites and doesn’t hit the mixing bowl– otherwise it’ll crystallize and break off into your buttercream! I don’t know about you, but chunks of rock candy inbetween cake does NOT sound happy.

b) buttercream looks really scary before it’s come together… lumps of stuff and looks like it’s been over mixed.. well it turns out that’s just a stage, it’ll turn out fine if you keep mixing. ( I wish I took pictures of this)

But all in all… in the end it turned out … well, alright, I think considering I’m really still learning.


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