I could be this bored…
Have you ever had one of those days where just about everything feels so ordinary? My same alarm of birds chirping from my cell postponted “just 10 more minutes,” for that same inevitable last rush out the door to arrive at work..no surprise.. ten minutes late. The “same coffee with half and half and 3 sugars please” from the coffee stand just outside the office door for “pick me up Friday, hang in there” coffee. The same never-ending statements to file–surprise! end of the quarter statments are here (WHOMP! a pile 5 inches high of statements EACH for all three bosses). The same rediculous questions–(latest: on post it, adhered to envelope of junk mail offers, yes really from today) “emi, what is this? Find out because I don’t remember signing up for anything” (then my response sans what I was really thinking) “C-you don’t have to sign up for anything to get junk mail. They’re just trying to reel you in cold via mail. Just toss it.”
Man, hurry up already!
6 more months….

I saw this right after I wrote that entry. From the Get Fuzzy Website.
(since it’s “fuzzy” ironically, here’s what it says)
First Block:
“so what are things that would cheer me up!”
“Well… you like Pie.
Second Block:
“I do… I DO like pie.”
“And I was saving these photos. But I thik it’s time to debut them.”
Third Block:
“Oh Ho Ho! Pictures of the time Bucky passed out and we put doll clothing on him!”
“Yes, the world is not a totally evil place. There are always cats in pants.”


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