>Italian Bread Experiment Gone Wrong


So while the Granola was baking I made an Italian Spice loaf inspired by the excellent bread from the night prior at Pomodoro (Awesome CHEAP place near by.) Which is different of course. Their’s was more like a rustic baguette (excuse the French term), whereas I wanted more of an Italian flavored Boule.

Just as I was beginning to think that everything was looking good…

This was a very humbling experience.

Mistake #1
Make sure oven rack is low enough so it doesn’t hit the heating element.

Mistake #2
I thought I was being ‘smart’ by using fired pottery for the base—but …. make sure it’s the right size for the quantity of bread.

Mistake #3
REMEMBER to put Cornmeal beneath bread… bread can stick.

2 Responses to “>Italian Bread Experiment Gone Wrong”
  1. ange says:

    >this was a great blog. it was fun to read and see the pics.

  2. Brent says:

    >Ahh, yes; fun with bread. Well, this was not nearly as disastrous as my recent loaf which I didn’t use enough water in (I’m guessing that was the problem). I ended up with an extremely dense block of baked dough. Basically, one slice will sustain you for a week!Nice entry.

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