>Elusive Granola


The pursuit of Awesome Granola keeps eluding me. I think this is about the 8th? Time that I’ve tried making Granola. First time —too hard, flavor good .. Mmm… molasses-y. Second time—too much like honey oat cereal and way too loose texture etc. etc.

This time, it looks like I might be close. Even though flavor is lighter than I like, the texture is great. Next time I think I’m going to sub some molasses in for the maple syrup. Num!

I kind of like how this picture is almost too bright–you can really see the chunkiness

Recipe as follows Adjusted to taste from proportions found on the net:


In a small pot heat:
¼ cup peanut oil
2/3 cup of a mix of maple syrup grade A with some molasses to taste

In a GIANT** bowl throw together
2 cups of wheat germ
2 cups of oats
¼ cup of sesame seeds
½ cup of pepitas
1 cup of your favorite nuts (mine, walnuts)
½ cup of pine nuts

After the syrup is heated, add to the dry mix well and put on a cookie sheet spread out. In heated oven at 225 bake 1.5 hours and stir ONCE*** halfway through.

At the end you could add dried fruit. I usually don’t like dried fruit but I’m thinking candied ginger might be great to cut up and mix in after this cools.

**GIANT bowl = flying granola ingredients EVERYWHERE.. lesson learned, check.
***If you want less chunks and something that resembles meal, keep stirring. As for me, It’s all about the chunks


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