>Stinky, Gross, Absolutely Sudoriferous

>I had seen this word sudoriferous on wordsmith

and thought it was perfect in describing–The annual quarter of funk that has begun. Every quarter beginning towards the end of May until about the beginning of August is the period of the year where the entirety of Southern California REAKS of body odor. Mainly trailing from, not surprising, our male counterparts. Why do they just smell so darn stinky anyway???

My Cheap Stinky

at home absolutely insists that the house core temperature MUST be at least 88 degrees before it warrants the expense of flipping the switch on our AC. In the meanwhile, those lovely hooting and hollering gardeners outside the house (the one with the blinds that don’t get shut –another Stinky’ism) have had entertainment at the expense of a sEmi nekkid, po’d, overheated female.


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