>I’m always on the look out for random license plates; and I must say this one takes the cake for the month. I see it every week in the office parking structure–it always makes me think to myself “now really?” click here

2 Responses to “>Fiesty?”
  1. >I can do better than that. One morning on the I-10 parking lot I witnessed a heated argument between a rather large Hispanic lady and some guy who she’d rear-ended. This certainly wouldn’t be funny in itself, but I couldn’t help smiling when I noticed what was written on her license plate.”MANH8R”I wonder how the guy would’ve fared if he had gotten into an accident with “I FIESTY”?

  2. >What a funny story!I certainly would have hated to have been the guy… no, the woman for the matter in that situation! : )Much love,e

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