>If only it were THE CIA

>Not that my CIA isn’t going to be absolutely wonderful. But I’ve decided that it probably isn’t a good idea to be telling everybody that I’ve been accepted to the CIA. The tone of utter disapointment when they hear that it’s really the Culinary Institute of America makes me feel well, like it’s not an accomplishment.

But Dang it, it IS!!
You see it takes something HUGE to make me go out of my comfort level. And since I’ve been in Irvine or Tustin (next door) since the age of 4. Pursuing a no money career in something that I absolutely love by studying really far away (respectively) makes it an accomplishment–so there! :p

But if only…

3 Responses to “>If only it were THE CIA”
  1. >Congratulations!!I’m super proud of you Emi. If your cooking gets any better than it is now, I’m gonna have to invest in your first restaurant/bakery/whatever. Then we’ll both be millionaires.Oh, and the Culinary Institute of America never screwed up Iraq.

  2. Maya says:

    >Wow, congrats! It’s going to be really cool and fun. It’s in SF, right? You can hang out with Houri!

  3. >Thanks Maya. SF, yes and I’m very much looking forward to the encountering chaos with Houri.LOL, Nick. Indeed they didn’t. : )luv, e

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