>Natalie, M & M’s and Dark(th? sp?) Vader(or?)

>I think that one of the far simplest yet delightful things in this world is the feeling of a melting m & m in my mouth. This is definitely up there next to temperate breezes, apple juice and well the smell of gardenias (even though they remind me of my grandmother).

They (the m&m company) recently came out with a dark chocolate m&m to help market (Surprise!) the new Star Wars movie that’s coming out soon.

Which leads us to another topic, why is EVERYBODY, including my boyfriend, obsessed with Natalie Portman?! She is pretty but I don’t think she is as pretty as Sophie Marceau or Catherine Zeta-Jones. He (my boyfriend) even has a collectible queen Amygdala (sorry i don’t know her name–oooo ha! which also happens to be –if i remember correctly–the pleasure creator in the brain.. sorry back to what i was saying) and a collection of magazines with Natalie as the cover girl–totally wierded me out when I first met him. But, after he explained his theory of him appreciating her as an “artist” I totally bought it and didn’t question it again.. well until I get home and see what his explanation is now….


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