>Rolling Procrastination

>Why can’t I stop procrastinating? One of my biggest faults — that I procrastinate and my procrastination makes me procrastinate more.


I have a friend named Susie who is bi-curious like someone else I know. She and I are very different people in some respects. I’m a bit naive (though better as the years go by) and she is very aware and a bit, well quite a bit darker than I am personality-wise. There was a time in highschool where I “tried” to deveate for the sake of deveating. This is the time period that I met Susie.

Susie and I probably see each other maybe twice a year and for the last 7-8 months I’ve been dreading the fact of setting a date to meet with her because I’ve canceled and rescheduled so many times to the point where i’ve lost track. Which has gotten me to the point where I’m embarassed of the situation and have ignored rescheduling because of my embrassment of the entire matter. VERY Frusterating.

But, it doesn’t end there. I had explained to Susie this tendency of mine a few months back as a way for myself to just come out with it and do something. However, since the time that I told her I’ve gone back to my old habits again and am even MORE embarassed because I told her.


2 Responses to “>Rolling Procrastination”
  1. Scott says:

    >My advice to you would be to just get it over with. It isn’t that bad…I promise! :-p

  2. ange says:

    >get over it. stop being embarrassed in front of your friends– we love you for you, not despite you. also, i liked the phrase “come out” subliminally placed in your discussion of setting a date with your bi friend. šŸ™‚

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