>Being Neglectful

>I have never been nor ever will be a great writer. The fact is I really do not care if I ever will be. I mainly care to be understood. Once that’s been acomplished–thats enough for me.

I’m beginning to think that maintaining a blog is a bit rediculous for me. For serveral reasons really:

1. I don’t really have a lot to say and am pretty dry so not all will find my humor amusing.

2. Who is “all” anyway. As far as I know I think just Houri and maybe my sister read this.

3. If thats the case then what a waste of time!!!

I guess I could start using it as a diary.. but then that limits myself with how much I can say of course because of public access…

I’ll keep ruminating on this one..

2 Responses to “>Being Neglectful”
  1. ange says:

    >i think the only limitations on your becoming a great writer are imposed by yourself… that and by your inability to spell “ridiculous”. 😉

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