>Driving dangerously to work this morning going through my morning ritual of make-up application during “the reds,” I noticed a peculiar license plate ‘COLGRAD.’ Why in the world would you need to announce no, wait, trumpet on the freeway that “Look out everybody! I’m a college Grad!” It strikes me as a bit ridiculous on several notes.

1. Whoooptee dooo; like that is some BIG accomplishment (enough to announce.) Are not most of our community– Irvine/Tustin/Newport Beach – college grads?

2. What is wrong with this person to even feel the need to feel the need to PAY a large some of money to announce this fact?

Now really–It just seems silly enough that I’m now wondering if I misread the plate. Maybe they meant some sort of “col” gradient? I dunno.

It makes you wonder about the kind of people out there doesn’t it?

2 Responses to “>COLGRAD”
  1. Anonymous says:

    >maybe the person was a graduate of the university of colorado?

  2. >HA!!! 🙂 I didn’t think of that.thank you.

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