>On Bleeding

>I’m beginning to believe that I’ve become impervious to needles. (Pun intended) As most of you know or perhaps did not know, I’ve been cut, stuck and drained quite regularly now and have gotten to the point where it’s become quite insipid—the act does not incite the “must run FAR far away” adrenaline rush it once had. Perhaps not a good thing? No matter.
Isn’t it funny that I need to bleed to figure out why I’m bleeding?

One Response to “>On Bleeding”
  1. ange says:

    >Hey em, i’m glad you posted a blog. It only makes sense that you’re becoming desensitized to needles. I’m sure diabetics feel the same way. Do you know how much more you have to go through? I think it’s good that you’ve gotten used to it– it still makes me cry sometimes. go figure. ps> if you want other people to post comments, you need to change the settings to allow anyone to post.

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